GS 102

GS 102

GS 102 Finance Training

GS102 Finance Training is required by all Troop Co-leaders and Troop Treasurers.

Download the Annual Troop Finance Report Excel file here.

This training will teach you everything you need to know about funding your Troop and properly
handling your Troop bank account. There are seven individual lessons in GS102 training, and the
entire training takes a total of 50 minutes to take.


Lesson 1: Welcome & Intro to Troop Finances (6 minutes)
Lesson 2: Opening & Managing Your Troop Bank Account (4 minutes)
Lesson 3: GSVSC Finance Policy Basics (7 minutes)
Lesson 4: Troop Finance Best Practices (6 minutes)
Lesson 5: Additional Money Earning Activities (9 minutes)
Lesson 6: Updating Your VTK Finance Tab (9 minutes)
Lesson 7: Submitting Your Annual Finance Report in the VTK Finance Tab (8 minutes)