GS 103

GS 103

GS103 Training

This course is highly encouraged for Troop Co-Leaders who have already registered, have a cleared background check, and have completed the online New Leader Orientation and GS102 trainings. Click here to start registration if you haven’t already!

Lesson 1: Providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (10 minutes)
Lesson 2: Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (20 minutes)
Lesson 3: Journeys (20 minutes)
Lesson 4: Planning Troop Meetings (20 minutes)
Lesson 5: Product Sale Program (15 minutes)
Lesson 6: Conclusion (10 minutes)

GS103 Training is also offered as an in-person course. Please refer to our calendar for upcoming session information.

Course Materials

This training requires high speed internet access. For optimal experience, please use an internet connection that supports at least 3 megabytes per second; dial-up connections will most likely not support this program. Please use Chrome or Safari for best results.

GS103 Training does include audio, but if your computer does not have speakers, you can enable the Closed Captioning (subtitles) option. Some learners will enjoy having a pen and paper with them as they complete training to take notes. We will provide all information, however, after the session for your convenience.