301a Outdoor Education Planning Session

301a Outdoor Education Planning Session

GS301a Outdoor Education Online Planning Session

GS301a training is required for those volunteers who want to participate in any camping activities with their troop or group including: packing gear, pitching tents, planning menus, fire building, cooking over a fire/portable stove/grill for any daytime outdoor camping experience or staying overnight at camp. The training is broken down into sessions, each between 3 mins and 20 mins in length. GS301a takes a total of 1 hr 25 mins to complete.

You must complete all 9 lessons of the GS301a Online Planning Session by the registration close date of the GS301b Overnight Session you have registered to attend in person.  Please refer to our calendar for registration close dates.

To be Outdoor Education trained, volunteers must complete the entire Outdoor Education course which includes:

  • 301a Outdoor Education Planning Session (online or in-person)
  • Online Group meal planning assignment using Google Docs (by email invitation from lead trainer)
  • Homework assignments provided by lead trainer (complete and return to your lead trainer via email)
  • 301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session weekend camping trip

Both 301a and 301b must be taken in the same training season (fall or spring).  Attendance for the entire weekend is required during the 301b overnight session.

Course Materials

Before you begin the lessons below, you will  need to download the following reference materials:

Printed copies of the GSVSC Outdoor Education Manual (3410) and GSVSC Program Centers Manual (2164) will be provided at your GS301 Overnight Session.

This training requires high speed internet access. For optimal experience, please use an internet connection that supports at least 3 megabytes per second; dial-up connections will most likely NOT support this program. Please use Chrome or Safari for best results. This training is best viewed on a computer or tablet.

GS301a Training includes audio, so your computer speakers or headphones are needed. Some learners will enjoy having a pen and paper with them as they complete training to take notes. We will provide all information, however, after the session for your convenience.  Refer to FAQs for additional information.

GS301a Training is also offered as an in-person course. Please refer to our calendar for upcoming session information.

Ensure that a green check mark is visible under “status” in the Course Content section below to receive credit for each completed lesson.