GS303 – Updates to Outdoor Education Curricula

GS303 – Updates to Outdoor Education Curricula

GS303 – Updates to Outdoor Education Curricula

GS 303 is not a training course, but a place to inform volunteers of changes in the Outdoor Education Curricula at Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council.

Released 02/2016
Buddy-up Camping Guidelines for Troops without a Girl Scout Outdoor Education trained adult:
If a Girl Scout troop does not have a Girl Scout Outdoor Education (OE) trained adult, they may “Buddy-up” with another troop experienced in Girl Scout camping for their initial troop camping experience.

“Buddy-up” means that the OE trained adult with one troop (or an OE trained Community Team Member) may agree to be the OE trained adult for one additional troop. The OE trained adult agrees to work with all girls and adults in the inexperienced troop in addition to their own troop prior to preparing for the camping trip. Both troops will camp together as one troop with the OE trained adult in charge. The OE trained adult must be at the camp the entire time while both troops are there. Girl-to-adult ratios must be met for the youngest age camping – this includes tag-a-longs.

The OE trained adult does not have to be a troop leader, but can be any registered adult (male or female) involved with the troop who agrees to:

      1. Take all required OE training.


      2. Work with girls and adults to cover all required materials for the six troop meetings or sessions prior to the camping trip.


      3. Attend camp the entire time while both troops are there.


    4. Only two troops can “Buddy-up” per one OE trained adult.

An adult certified in First Aid/CPR must accompany each Troop. The First Aid/CPR certified adult may be the OE trained adult, the troop leader, or another registered adult.
Once an inexperienced troop has paired with another experienced troop in this manner, the inexperienced troop must acquire their own OE trained adult in order to participate in future Girl Scout camping events or activities.

Released 02/2016
Camporee Training
Camporee training no longer exists. Adults wishing to attend camporees must be currently certified in Outdoor Education.

Released 02/2016
Outdoor Education Recertification
The six year recertification is no longer required. Outdoor Education certification remains current as long as the certified person continuously camps with girls/troop. Volunteers will need to be re-certified in Girl Scout Outdoor Education if they have not taken the girls/troop camping within one year of their initial training date or have not continued to camp with their troop/girls every other membership year to practice their OE skills. A lapse of 3 years in camping with girls/troop negates the certification. Once this lapse occurs, the adult will be required to retake both parts (Planning and Overnight) of Outdoor Education.