301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session

301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session

GS301B Outdoor Education Overnight Session

Outdoor Education is a training that teaches volunteers the Girl Scout camping methods and how to teach these methods to their girls. Outdoor Education is required for volunteers who will be participating in any camping activities with their troop or group including: packing gear, pitching tents, planning menus, cooking over a fire/portable stove/grill for any daytime outdoor camping experience or staying overnight at camp.

To be Outdoor Education trained, volunteers must complete the entire Outdoor Education course which includes: 301a Outdoor Education Planning Session (online or in-person), group meal planning assignment using Google Docs, a homework assignment, and 301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session weekend camping trip. Both 301a and 301b must be taken in the same training season (fall or spring). Attendance for the entire weekend is required during the 301b overnight session.

The 301a OE Planning session is available as an in-person or online training; 301b OE Overnight session is an in-person only training. To attend in-person training sessions, registration is required through eBiz or through the council registrar. If the maximum is reached for the overnight session, we will register only two adults per troop for the course. Please be sure to register for your overnight session as soon as you begin your planning session, as there are a limited number of spots available.

301b OE Overnight Session Fee: $20/adult (fee covers cost of food and trainer supplies) GSVSC refund policies apply.