301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session

301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session

GS301B Outdoor Education Overnight Session

GS 301b Outdoor Education Planning Session is part B of the GSVSC Outdoor Education course. Using Girl Scout methods, the GSVSC Outdoor Education course teaches volunteers how to progress their troop’s or group’s activities into the outdoors, develop skills to be used and taught to girls, and ensure a positive, fun, and safe outdoor experience. Both GS 301a and GS 301b trainings are required before troops or groups cook outdoors, campout, and adventure out which includes: packing gear, platform/tent camping, campfires, menu planning and cooking meals outdoors over a campfire, portable stove or grill for any daytime or overnight outdoor camping activity.

The GS 301a OE Planning session is available as an in-person or online training; GS 301b OE Overnight session is an in-person only training. To attend in-person training sessions, go to the GSVSC event calendar to select a training that works best for you or contact customer care at info@gsvsc.org for assistance. If the maximum is reached for the overnight session, we will register only two adults per troop for the course.

GS 301b OE Overnight Session Fee: $20/adult (fee covers cost of food and trainer supplies) GSVSC refund policies apply.

To be Outdoor Education trained, volunteers must complete the entire GSVSC Outdoor Education course to include:

  • GS 301a Outdoor Education Planning Session (online or in-person)
  • Online “group” meal planning assignment using Google Docs (by email invitation from lead trainer)
  • Homework assignments provided by lead trainer (complete and return to your lead trainer via email)
  • GS 301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session weekend camping trip

It is very important every participant completes GS 301a Planning Session online or in person by the registration close date of their GS 301b Outdoor Education Overnight Session. 

  • Both GS 301a and GS 301b must be taken in the same training season (fall or spring)
  • Attendance for the entire GS 301b weekend overnight session is required
  • If the maximum is reached for the overnight session, we will register only two adults per troop for the course

After the registration close date of the GS 301b Overnight training, council will confirm all participants completed the prerequisite GS 301a Planning Session. Once confirmation has been received, each participant will be divided into patrols and receive emailed instructions regarding next steps from lead trainer. These instructions will include patrol and homework assignments as well as link to the online group meal planning Google Doc.

Participant Expectations

To ensure the best possible experience, each participant should:

  1. Quickly open shared Google Doc and provide contact information in Section 1 of the OE Menu Planning Patrol Worksheet
  2. Communicate with patrol members via email their availability to complete group meal plans
  3. Communicate with patrol to identify one volunteer as the patrol lead & grocery shopper
  4. Communicate with patrol to identify one volunteer as the alternate grocery shopper
  5. Be an active participant in completion of group meal plans by the deadline provided
  6. Approve and initial group meal plans in Section 1 of worksheet after its completion
  7. Understand participants will be sleeping in platform tents with their assigned patrol at the overnight
  8. Come prepared to the overnight, having completed all assignments, menu plans, and prep work
  9. Notify trainers if using personal camping equipment (tent)
  10. Notify lead trainer, patrol members, and council should you not be able to attend training
  11. Understand the overnight weekend session is held rain or shine (trainers will consult council during severe inclement weather)
  12. Remember! Trainers are volunteers too.

What YOU bring to this overnight session:

  • Personal clothing and equipment (Refer to packing list in Outdoor Education Manual (OEM) or Camping Safety Activity Checkpoints)
  • A pocket knife
  • Charcoal chimney using a #10 large metal can (Pg. 64 in OEM)
  • Pen and paper/notebook
  • Completed homework assignments provided during the GS 301a OE Planning Session
  • One rainy day activity
  • One campfire activity
  • Kaper chart based on your patrol menu (Pg. 43-44 in OEM)

What PATROLS bring to this overnight session:

  • One goop can per patrol (Pg. 52 in OEM)
  • One handwashing setup per patrol (Pg. 54 in OEM)
  • Groceries for each planned meal for each member per patrol

Additional items needed for the overnight session will be decided during the group meal planning.


Printed copies of the following resources will be provided at the overnight session. Click on links to download and complete homework assignments:

Outdoor resource available for purchase (not required):

Outdoor Education In Girl Scouting – Updated May 2013

Benefit to You: This training provides the opportunity for volunteers to plan and experience camping at a council program center before camping with girls.

Participant Questions? Contact your lead trainer listed on the GSVSC event calendar .